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Ge’veneus skincare product’s series is one of a non-mainstream line of beauty products developed by the Taiwanese beauty production manufacturer name called ” Peimay Biomedical “. The value and principle of Ge’veneus its birth and existence because of the company wants to research and develop a set of beauty treatments with real therapeutic effects, which are  production with high-purity natural nutrients rather than mainstream conventional beauty care products. Because the mainstream conventional beauty care products are only able to keep maintain a good-quality skin from natural born . It’s does not too much of the healing function for recover a damaged skins. If the skin has been damaged by wrong ways or unnatually pollution
or has been maladjusted for many years, normally mainstream beauty productions
unable too much to be repaired because of its ratio of intrinsic nutritional value  has been set by production before manufacturing . Its concern too much factors .Main cause are , if a manufacturer trying to develope a product are stronger with medicine or recovery ingredients, its also so hard to promote to end user , because ,is must be guided by more professional beauticians before any apply .Obviously , Ge’veneus beauty care products is one of among whose are insist their Moral culture and Principles for remain keep trying to serve customers with more function and effectiveness products rather than to feed the market up for grab a more business targets.

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Peimay Biomedical was founded in 2007 by Ms. Li Zhenzhi and professional medical and beauty professionals. Now the whole company was led by her qualified daughter Liao Man Hua . As for Ms. Li Zhenzhi, she has retired to be the consultant behind the product development and operation. The products researched by the company mainly include three categories: “Beauty Products“, “cosmetic products“, and “health care“. There are 52 main full-time employees, and more than 20 countries are selling products developed by the company.

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